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Kairos Outreach Ministries

Bridging the gap between Christ’s Church and today’s world.

Join us as we strive to help people encounter God’s love by obeying Jesus’s command to go and make disciples! We can’t build a bridge to God, but Jesus Christ is God’s bridge to us. As an outreach ministry we do everything we can do to get people to the bridge!


Engage with hurting people, to introduce them into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Jesus came to seek and save the lost, (Luke 19:10) and then commissioned the disciples and us to do the same. We need to be committed to fulfilling God’s call to serve others, lead by compassion and to depend on the power of the Holy Spirit to connect with people in a deeper way.


 Invest in their lives. Helping to build a new life foundation in Christ.

We are committed to love others as Christ does! When Jesus called the disciples and others to follow Him, one thing that is highlighted in the bible is that Jesus calls us to stop living for ourselves and to follow a new way. That new way is Jesus. Kairos Outreach is committed to following Jesus and building bridges that bring people closer to Jesus and making disciples. We do this first by engaging with others where they are, then our relationships are built as we make opportunities for people to encounter God though various ways such bible study, recreational activities, (fishing, kayaking, archery) eating together, discipleship/one-on-one counseling and giving rides. We are investing in long term wellness by feeding people physically and spiritually.


 Make opportunity to empower others to effectively use their gifts to impact other people around them for Jesus. To equip the saved, to reach the lost!

All followers of Jesus Christ are called to go and make disciples of Jesus. (Matt 28:18-20). Every one of us has gifts and talents that God has given us. As we learn to love God first, loving our neighbors becomes more natural. At Kairos Outreach Ministries our goal is not just to bring the lost to Christ but to help His follows bridge the gap that keeps Christians from sharing Gods love with those that don’t know His love. Helping to equip and make opportunities to use your gifts to bless others to build Gods kingdom!

Love Mankato is a citywide church outreach. Our goal is to have two days from 8am to 12am of seeking the heart of God in worship, prayer and outreach of engaging our city with the love of Jesus in the proclamation of gospel truth.

Our programs focus on training and equipping believes to live the gospel message of Jesus Christ where they are and to facilitate short term missions trips starting locally, nationally and internationally.

The Burning Ones Discipleship Program

Starts Nov 3rd 2024

The Overall Objective of this discipleship program is to equip believers to live out their faith in an intimate relationship with God.  That empowers them though their walk with the Holy Spirit to be transformed and to be transforming agents for Jesus Christ. Giving and making opportunities for believers to effectively use their gifts and grow deeper in their walk with Jesus.  Challenging them to live by faith to impact other people around them for Jesus.  

We will be having 8 in class teachings, 3 local outreaches leading up to a 1 week mission trip opportunity. California Mission Trip -San Bernardino, Dates Jan 10th-18th, 2025, Dates subject to change

Fan the Flame is our short missions trip program designed to rekindle the embers of your heart, to ignite your life with a new passion to live out the first commandment life style of loving God first and loving your neighbor as yourself.

We will be studying 2 Timothy and going deeper together in the word of God during our time together. Our goal is not just to give you a great experience but to see you grow in your faith as you step out to bless people!

We are faning the flame as we obey God in sowing generously, giving our selves to God and to others is the keys to growing in righteousness not becasue of our works but because we are allowing God to lead our lives now. Obedience and holy living is a natural outcome of faith/trust in Jesus as we follow Him. Then it is form the overflow of a life of intimacy with Jesus where fruit grows and peoples lives are transformed including ours as we step-out into the heart of God. Come join us on this faith journey!

2024 Dates

2 Timothy 1:6
For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands. 

Weekly Outreach Opportunities 


Volunteers are the backbone of our organization. We offer a variety of opportunities for individuals and groups to get involved and make a difference in the lives of those we serve.

All volunteers are required to meet with or talk to our director, Eli Powell, before being approved as a volunteer.  We also ask all volunteers to participate in an orientation and gospel training class before going out to serve in any street level outreach capacity.  

Tuesdays  – Outreach at the park.

11am to 1 pm, 1-2pm Bible Study

This is a laid back outreach opportunity, where we meet at the park to love God through prayer, worship and loving our neighbor, building friendship by showing we care, offering support, prayer and sharing the good news of Jesus through conversation. 

Friday nights  – Street team/Evangelism

 5pm to 9pm   – Mankato Area 

We go out  to various parts of the city, to encounter people where they are, in varies areas of need. Throughout the night we will meet people, build relationships, and share the love of Jesus!  Some times giving out hotdogs, water, etc.  

Let’s work together!

Please consider partnering with us by becoming a prayer partner or help support our mission through a monthly or one time financial gift. God bless you!