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The Burning Ones

The burning ones discipleship program

Our focus will be training and equipping you to live the gospel message of Jesus Christ where you are and to facilitate the group on a short term mission trip.  Our vision at Kairos Outreach Ministry is to be bridge-builders for ChristThe burning ones discipleship program is to help build an on ramp to help bridge the gap between (You) Christ’s church and today’s world.  Though this program we will be training, modeling and activating you to live out the gospel, not just in word but in action!  

We will have 8 in class teachings 3 hours on Sunday afternoons from 2pm to 5pm, 3 local outreaches leading up to a 1 week mission trip opportunity. The Cost for the program is going to be $50 which includes teaching material and the book, Share Jesus without Fear by William Fay.

Dates Time Curriculum  (subject to change)
Sunday Nov 3th 2pm to 5Intro to the burning ones and intimacy with God. 
Sunday Nov 10th2pm to 5The father’s love, Finding identity through intimacy
Sunday Nov 17th 2pm to 5The Holy Spirit, Baptism of Fire, The Power of the Gospel
Sunday Nov 24th 2pm to 5Intimacy with God in prayer, the word, worship, fasting
Sunday Dec 1st 2pm to 5Hearing God’s voice, Obedience, Spiritual warfare/demons  
Sunday Dec 8th 2pm to 5Servant leadership, The Kingdom of God 
Sunday Dec 15th2pm to 5The Cross and the Pursuit of His Glory 
Sunday Dec 22, 2pm to 5Sexual Purity, Holiness 
Mission Trip to California  Jan 10th to 18th, 2025

Participants:  Any one is welcome to participate. Requirements to graduate from the burning ones discipleship program with Kairos Outreach Ministry: 

  1. Participate in classes/teachings every week.  (You can miss up to one Sunday but need to make up those classes by listening to them online before the mission trip.)  
  2. Walk in the commitments of a disciple and complete all of the homework assignments (Which will include reading one book). 
  3. Spend at least 1 hour each day with the Lord in prayer and in the word.  
  4. Fast at least 2 meals per week.  (if not able to fast from food we recommend fasting tv, social media, movies for a day)
  5. Attend a local Church Service every Sunday or at least once a week.  (A Bible believing, Holy Spirit filled Church). 
  6. Attend 3 corporate local outreaches with Kairos Outreach Ministries.  (Before the end of the 8 week discipleship class).
  7. Participate and complete the mission trip with us.